Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There are bugs on my bed..

Hell yes, I rode this sucker. 6 times.
I'm pretty sure some kind of bug got into this condo and is residing near my head (correction- it's a fly, it just flew onto my iTouch). Please go away bug. It's midnight and I'm trying my hardest to sleep. Thanks for listening, you.
I like this whole blog thing, it's the only time when talking to yourself is okay. Okay, the bug just flew on my nose, you're teasing me buddy. Anyway, I'm in Virginia. It's hot. There are a lot of people. With accents. However, these are not cute southern drawls. The people I see frequent amusement parks and go there for the designated smoking areas (if that's not enough of a hint). No offense, South. I love Southern gentleman on horseback with roses, manners, and windswept hair, but I've had quite enough of the others you have to offer.
Anyway, it's probably me being negative but I've been here for three weeks and all I want is some excitement or some kind of outlet (not the store kind).
I literally just slapped myself because the fly was on my hand. Really?

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