Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Want to Sleep - Never, Ever, No.

Sleep is overrated. Also, the title of this blog sounds like an alternative band from 2005. "Don't Want to Sleep" by Never, Ever, No. I'm a weirdo..

Freaks and Geeks is a great show. It's on youtube. I don't like Lindsay Weir all that much. She's too sensitive and crazy for my liking. Sure, she embraces herself or whatever but she freaks out about things that are totally unnecessary. Maybe I subconsciously harbor jealousy towards her because she gets to be in a room with James Franco, Jason Segel, Martin Starr, John Daley and the rest of that fantastic cast ...That's probably it. Over a four day period, I watched all of the episodes. Toooo much time on my hands. I'm tired.  I'm going to draw.

P.s.- I'm officially in love with Matthew Gray Gubler. Take note, whoever designs heaven, that's who I want to end up with.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Location: Limbo

Hello. I realize I haven't posted in two months and I'm sorry. Ready? Set? Rant.

If you haven't cleverly noted that the title of this blog post is a reference to Inception then leave, now. Kidding. I don't discriminate cause it only generates hate. Ugh, I'm alluding to soo many things today, my cleverness is too much for me to handle. I apologize.
ITunes got a new makeover recently (or maybe not recently, I just never bothered to download ITunes 10 until a week ago).. I'm not sure if I like it. Ping? What is that. I don't like people knowing what music I listen to and what I'm a fan of. Or maybe I do? I mean, let's be honest, you recall any aspect of privacy you once thought you had when you create a blog or a facebook. It's embarrassing.
Besides that, it is October and Halloween is near. I love Halloween.. mostly because its just that amazing combo of fall and creepy. I love watching ghost shows/horror movies and breathing in decomposing leaves. Mmmmm.

Enjoy Halloween! It's fun.

Sidenote - Music you should listen to: These artists - Iron & Wine, Dispatch, Mumford and Sons, Local Natives, Dr. Dog, City and Colour, Broken Bells, The Morning Benders, Wolf Parade, The Avett Brothers, Grizzly Bear, and Atmosphere. Good bye and good luck!