Saturday, January 30, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock.

I love Alfred Hitchcock, far beyond his funny name. For the past three days, I have been sitting in my room watching shows on Hulu with a big box of tissues. I love Al (my affectionate name for him), and I'm sitting here as we speak watching this episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents called "The Kind Waitress". There's something about his openings at the beginning that crack me up and remind me of .. a grandfather I never had. He's just so kindly and mysterious. Not to mention, some of my favorite movies ever are Al's movies. I love Daphne du Maurier and he's done both Rebecca and The Birds! Maybe its that and the fact that I have an odd love for MURDERRRRR. I feel like Al and I would've gotten along in real life. We could talk about.. death and other fun things. I mean, what else would you talk about with Alfred Hitchcock? ... definitely not flowers! Sitting here, I've realized a newfound dream to become the next Hitchcock. Now, I know that's something a lot of people whimsically wish for, but I'm pretty dedicated. Just wait! Now that I've thought it over, its probably the deliriums of fever but I don't care! When I wake up, I'll read this and reignite my dreams. Time to watch the conclusion.. I'm sure someone is going to die! Bye now!

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