Sunday, November 28, 2010

"If You Give a Moose a Muffin" UPDATED for 2010

If you give a girl Grey Goose, she’s going to ask for a shot glass. When you give her a shot glass, she’s going to take shots. When she’s finished, she’s going to ask you to turn up the music. Then she will want to dance to make sure she has fun. When she starts dancing, she may get on top of a table. When she’s dancing on top of a table, she might get carried away and fall. When she’s done, she’ll probably need some help. You will have to help her up off of the floor. She’ll hold onto you, make herself comfortable, and stumble a few times. She’ll probably ask you to go to the bathroom. So you’ll take her to your bathroom, and she’ll ask you to hold her hair. When she is finished, she’ll get so excited that she’ll want to dance some more. She’ll ask you to dance with her. She’ll go right back to dancing. When she is finished, she’ll want to go to sleep. Then she’ll ask to use your bed. Which means she needs…your pillow. She’ll sit on your bed and realize that she’s not tired, so…she’ll ask for a shot glass. And chances are if she asks for a shot glass, she’s going to want Grey Goose with it. 
...yes I did make this.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was my friday night - children's book style. Ugh. 

....Although it was not grey goose [that shit is expensive]. Artistic license, okay?). 

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